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Lior Nordman is a self-taught art/fashion photographer, who started his career in 2006 as a sports photographer for the international newspaper "Haaretz". His interest quickly shifted to fashion photography and between

2007-2009 he was already working for the most popular Israeli fashion magazines and advertising clients. His international breakthrough came not later than 2009, when he photographed one of the biggest campaign for clothing brand in Turkey.


From there on, his work was featured in all important  international fashion magazines, like Harper's Bazzar, Marie Claire, Elle, Idoll, Chew, TRENSETTER, Woman's Health, Cosmopolitan, EVE, ALL, PLAYBOY, W25, Wasack, XOOX and many others. His client list contains names like Coca Cola, COLON, Diadora, Arena, PADANI, Steve Madden, M.A.C, BMW, MUDO, FTS64, Replay, Kappa, Renault and many others. In 2010 Lior's photo from the series "LAST STOP" was chosen by the Marie Claire magazine as one of the best 12 photos of 2010. In 2011 he won the advertising trophy "Golden Fish" for his campaign to Nikol and his photos were printed at the honorable advertising magazine "ARCHIVE".

In 2012 Lior won again the "Golden Fish" and the "Golden Cactus" for his campaign for BMW. In 2013 Hugh Hefner picked Lior's photo as the best picture of May 2013, and his work was presented at all the magazines around the world. In 2014, Lior has also directed the video clip for the song representing Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Later on His work won to Advertising awards: Golden fish, and the Golden Cactus. The winning campaigns also were published at the prestige "Archive" international magazine.

In the same time, Lior has challenging himself to look deeper into his soul and to pursue an edgy introspection. This is why he decided to use fashion Medias to create unexpected narratives (social and political).

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